Beautiful Butterfly by I'lea Williams and Indaria Jones

Beautiful Butterfly by I'lea Williams and Indaria Jones

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Affirming capacities for adaptation, reclamation, and renewal, Beautiful Butterfly guides children and adults towards an appreciation of their own inevitable transformations, and explores childhood growth and transition, by means of photography interlaced with American haiku poetry.

Presented in five "chapters," the photography in Beautiful Butterfly is laid out in gorgeous, full color, with one haiku written in accordance with each chapter title.

Parents are encouraged to read the poetry to children, who are too young to read on their own, while allowing their children to narrate those pages which contain no writing at all.

The art in Beautiful Butterfly is dedicated to young people, and the families of young people, who have transitioned from this life and into the next. Rather than mourning their transition, Beautiful Butterfly celebrates transformation by suggesting there is no end, only change and new beginnings.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Purity

Chapter 2 - Power

Chapter 3 - Formlessness

Chapter 4 - Replenishment

Chapter 5 - Godliness

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