Creators Spotlight: B.A Badd


Creators Spotlight 💥 Zabadiah Williams !!

A rapper, also known as B.A Badd, born in Syracuse NY began his journey at age 12. After making a wrong turn he ended up in prison for a fire arm charge and was sentenced to 4 1/2 years. B.A was released in June 2014 and immediately determined to become more than what was designed for most people who look like him. He returned to the music which opened doors for multiple revenue streams; Zombie University (a clothing line) and Everybody Eats Promotions. He uses his music to advocate for the voiceless and motivate others.

It’s a pleasure to witness his journey—working in the field of entertainment and entrepreneurship while constantly spreading positiveity and sharing knowledge to help others. We need more people like @zabadiah williams! You can watch his most recent project, “Knowledge Born” here: #Bethechange